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The Val de Vienne, an invitation to unwind

The Val de Vienne Community of Municipalities is made up of 9 municipalities and is located a few kilometres south-west of Limoges. It is largely served by major roads: the Central Europe Atlantic (RN 141) and the Zaragoza / Agen / Limoges / Paris (RN 21) axis. A green and hilly land for livestock farming, bathed by the waters of the Vienne, Aixette, Aurence, Grand Rieu, Alma, Briance and Boulou rivers, this area is a privileged and authentic place for green tourism. Four communes: Saint-Priest-Sous-Aixe, Saint-Yrieix-Sous-Aixe, Bosmie l'Aiguille and Aixe-Sur-Vienne, have developed the fishing and canoeing activities offered by the Vienne and its tributaries. The Val de Vienne also offers horse riding with three centres located in Séreilhac, Saint-Yrieix-Sous-Aixe and Saint-Priest-sous-Aixe ; mountain biking and walking with its numerous circuits in the communes. The omnipresence of traditions can be seen in the remarkable Limousin farms and cow farms in the communes of Beynac, Burgnac and Saint Martin-le-Vieux.