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Our top 10 suggestions for successful holiday experiences in the Val de Vienne

Good reasons
Doing his market, greeting the producer with an "Adi *"!
* hello in occitan
Canoe racing with a kingfisher
Picnic on the banks of Vienne river
Hunting Poï'z
Playing Terra aventura
Photographing the sunset from the Pont de la Gabie
Bring back some Limoges porcelain
and make his friends jealous at the next dinner
Following in the footsteps of pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela
Listen to the talking stick.
on the Vienne shoreline interpretation pathway
Ride your hair in the wind in the Limousin countryside
Take a deep breath of air, enjoy, relax ...

in short ... take the time and do what you please!

It's up to you to complete the list !