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A trip for a weekend or a few days?

Here are a few suggestions for enjoying the Val de Vienne in a group, with friends or with a large family !


Playing Terra Aventura

An activity for families but also for groups! Will you be able to flush out Zabdo ?


In summer, a canoeing trip

To have fun or put a bit of competition between you 🙂


Enjoy a nice table

... to end the day on a gourmet note !

Quality restaurants

Homemade, authentic recipes, good products, all sprinkled with refinement !

Beautiful landscapes

Stimulating activities to improve team spirit

Rest and tranquility

To spend time with friends

No need for a passport

A change of scenery at the gates of Limoges, the Val de Vienne is ideal for getting together with friends or groups in the centre of France

A perfect day with friends/group

Stop #1 - A generous breakfast at Chez Roger
Fill up on energy to prepare for the sporting day ahead !
Stop #2 - An orienteering race with the permanent orientation route in the Forêt des Loges
A playful warm-up to start the morning in a dynamic way
Stop #3 - A lunch at the Canoë Guinguette
Take the time and cool off on the banks of the Vienne with a simple and invigorating meal
Stop #4 - A canoe trip on the Vienne river
Nothing like a motivating team sport to challenge your friends
Stop #5 - A sophisticated dinner to end the day
Le Relais des Tuileries will help you discover the specialities of the region
Stop #6 - Enjoy your group accommodation
The Val de Vienne offers group gîtes for 10 to 15 people

Our selection of accommodations

For a group, with friends or a large family !

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