With kids

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To spend time with your kids

Here are a few suggestions for enjoying the Val de Vienne with your family !

Terra Aventura

Playing terra Aventura

Warning, enough activity... addictive

En Famille

Going to the market

To appreciate local products

Laetis©CRT Limousin

Take a pony ride

An appel activity for your children

Quality restaurants

Homemade, authentic recipes, good products, all sprinkled with refinement!

Green landscapes

To fill up on oxygen !

We're taking time

No need to look at his watch... The Val de Vienne is an invitation to relax !

No need fo a passport

A change of scenery at the gateway to Limoges

A perfect family day

Stop #1 - Gentle awakening
No alarm clock…
Stop #2 - Prepare lunch
A short trip to the market to prepare lunch and find good local products
Stop #3 - quiet lunch at the gîte or campsite
We take advantage of the flavors found at the market and we draw straws for the person who will do the dishes.
Stop #5 - going to play Terra Aventura
Ideal for training the neurons and the legs
Stop #6 - a pizza to share
With a good pizza, we tell jokes !
Stop #7 - and off to sleep
After that day, there’s no need to count sheep 😉
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